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i’m gonna post some cool series i’m following that aren’t translated (yet…?)

first up, Migi & Dali


this is a manga by the same person who did “Sakamoto desu ga?”
it’s a story about twin boys, Migi and Dali, who are orphaned and then adopted by an elderly couple, but the twist is that they pretend to be one boy named Hitori*
the boys learn to adapt to everyday life while executing their plan… for revenge
there’s a lot of mystery/suspense but it’s also really funny, reminds me of like the Death Note chips eating scene but it’s every chapter
it’s also set in Japan but the city they live in is called “Oregon village” and is modeled after american suburbs
super cool manga and i hope it gets an anime and becomes popular like sakamoto

* japanese pun, name is written 秘鳥 like 'secret bird' but pronounced like 一人 aka one person. also their names Migi and Dali mean left and right in japanese



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next is Kitai Fuku ga Aru (something like “The Clothes I Want to Wear”)


this one just started a few weeks ago. it’s about a girl who looks really “cool”. all her friends are jealous of her handsome looks but she really wants to wear cute clothes, lolita fashion.
when a new guy shows up to her part time job in ridiculously unique clothes, she’s inspired by him to finally start wearing the clothes she wants to wear.
it’s pretty shoujo manga-esque but i like the art and the story is very relatable especially if you’ve ever been into lolita or alternate fashion

^ her coworker


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