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let's do this gimme your top 5 animes and WHY

hierarchy judging each other top 5

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one punch man - probably the funniest thing i’ve seen in recent memory while also being THE HYPEST. SHIT. OMG. that opening too
azumanga daioh - original slice of life, still the best. no gimmicks, just cute girls doin cute things for 3 years of school. i still cry at the finale every time
kill la kill - just a beautiful show. functions really well on a couple different levels. basically gurren lagann for girls. super intense i love it
death note (season 1 only) - incredibly tense and exciting thriller like sherlock holmes fighting himself. i like how the show sets up and is super careful about the rules of using the death note and uses them for big reveals, that kinda stuff is cool to me
hajime no ippo - watching ippo’s arc is incredible. it’s a slow burn and definitely a bit predictable sometimes but the fights are so hype (especially once they get a budget). yo sendou let’s fuck

honorable mention: neon genesis evangelion - i hated it the first time i watched it, because i was so teenagery it hit too close to home i guess. it’s a classic. tv ending best ending, congratulations

i’m surface as hell, sue me
gimme your top 5s, zoners. show me your credentials

high impact

Jojo part 1
Jojo part 2
Jojo part 3
Jojo part 4
Bible black

samurai flamenco

just that

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