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Dungeon Meshi (Delicious in Dungeon)


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this manga owns
maybe the best manga i’ve ever read…

bird on skateboard

quick plot synopsis: it’s set in a world like old school WRPGs (think nethack or something). a party of adventurers needs to save one of their members from deep in the dungeon, but they run out of money for food. so they start eating the monsters instead, and run into a dwarf who also lives off monsters and teaches them how to cook stuff

it’s part comedy, part adventure, part fantasy cooking
although it seems like a simple monster of the month manga at first, it gradually delves deeper and deeper into the ecology of the dungeon. the fantasy biology is really interesting imo


bird on skateboard

joined anime zone to post that i wanna read this

high impact

update: i am reading it and it owns thanks

high impact

i am sold.png

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hell yeah

bird on skateboard

I’m up to the naming of a new friend so far, a feast among enemies, around in there

it’s great, I like the tone and the characters are cute

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tag this sounds cool

dr max maxington

oh man i’m up to chapter 24 and it is HYYYYPE

ooh even more new developments

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high impact

it keeps getting better and better!!!

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From: max at 2017-12-24 00:46:10
tag this sounds cool

is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon

I think I’m almost to the end of what’s out, I’m at ch39

I wanna keep reading T_T

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yep, no new chapters until February bluuuuhhhhhh

i’ve really enjoyed this one. lots of really well-done characters, good dramatic stakes, good jokes, food porn, and fun tidbits about fantasy ecology and biology

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i haven’t read the last 4 or 5 chapters, waiting for the book to come out :O
im psyched

i sent my sister a copy of this for xmas but then I realized she’s vegetarian. whoops

bird on skateboard

lmfao good jerb

high impact

did this ever finish

Cancel Me Elmo

not sure i need to catch up
bought the latest volume the other day

bird on skateboard
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